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I've been watching I, Claudius which somehow I've never seen and it's really good, but suddenly Capt Picard was Sejanus and I couldn't concentrate on anything but that for like two episodes pfft. But it is true that it seems basically to come almost entirely from Suetonius and so it's a bit overinterested in all the scandalous rumors. then again, I wasn't there, and for all I know it was exactly this bad or even worse. Sometimes I don't know whether to be distressed that leaders are perpetually terrible people and for some reason everybody just puts up with it, or to find it hopeful that somehow the Empire carries on despite a string of increasingly incompetent crazy people.

my knee is killing me which means snow in a couple days. We had a little bit this morning, but not enough to get me out of anything. I'm so ready for winter, so ready. Snowwww.

I finally did some christmas shopping this week, but honestly I really just have my parents, 3bro, and my nephew, aside from baking stuff for people at school usually. Mom came over and baked cookies with me this weekend, and aside from the brownie cookies and the usual m&ms, we made orange cranberry drop cookies which turned out amazing, and I did about a dozen of them with cherries instead. THEYRE AMAZING. I kind of want to try almond cherry next time instead of coconut cherry. I might try these apricot tricorner things next weekend because i had an almost/apricot strudel at the christmas market that was stupidly delicious.

Yuri on Ice (which we've started calling Yurio Nice on twitter) is amazing and episode 10 ruined me with its goodness. I'm going to be so sad when it's over but i can't wait to see what happens in the last two, if the dance battle wasn't saved for the end. I'm not at all over the genius of the dance battle montage, and some genius set it to Shut Up and Dance and it's so perfectly I nearly cried over it. It's beautiful.
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