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I mean, friends.

SASO sign-ups were tonight WHOOP WHOOP. Me, [personal profile] marks, [personal profile] prillalar, [personal profile] beltenebra, and [personal profile] doxian all got ourselves signed up as Team YuraBeka. I was super nervous something would go wrong and jacked up my form signup TWICE but thank goodness we are all in and look good.

If you also like the sports anime, you should do the SASO (Sports Anime Summer Olympics). The people are great, the bonus rounds are so much fun, it goes on ages, and last summer it single-handedly brought back both my faith in fandom and some old friends. SASO is great!. Looking at the schedule seems overwhelming if you've never seen it before, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask! There's also an intro post so you can see if you know anybody who's doing it already.

Speaking of things, so Mirai and I started [community profile] ho_summer, a JE FQF for the summer, and sign-ups are open to authors of any JE group, debuted or junior, so long as you are a-okay with the porn. Sign-up post is here! Aside from the exchange itself, which I'm nervous about having enough people to run, my plan is to run a couple little bonus rounds or posts to encourage some hanging out, esp now that a bunch of people migrated to DW all at once.

If you could try and pass that around, I'd be grateful! I'm not getting much traction out of my twitter in terms of RTs and I'm not tumblr anymore and I'm still working on which comms are active/will let me advertise. Comms or other places you can suggest would be welcome!

I am off to make some Team YuraBeka icons and then start a recs post on [community profile] ho_summer, but if new people are showing up, hi!
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