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One more to go ( _ _).oO I'm not sure i'm gonna make it. Also I don't know which of these truths would shock anybody, but that's the title i'm stuck with, haha.

Not worksafe again. a lot. stupid Hiromi. She looks exactly like this and I need Kitayama to please stop being her in magazines this week because it's freaking me the fuck out.

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Lunatic Sunshine, Chapter 7 (~5850 words) )
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This chapter is not-so worksafe, just to warn you ( ^_^)b

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Lunatic Sunshine, Chapter 6 (~8780 words) )
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Pairing rankings and embarrassing photoshoots ( ^_^)b and also Dr. Senga fixes all your psychological and romance problems. Kind of.

And the last 3k of all of Taipi's pain went really really fast. SORRY TAIPI.

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Lunatic Sunshine, Chapter 5 (~5900 words) )
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I want to say that this is what Hiromi's hat looks like.

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Lunatic Sunshine, Chapter 4 (~8000 words) )
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so far behiiiiiiiiiiiiiind eff you nano eff eff eff

Also if you were wondering where Miyata had got to, douzo.

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Lunatic Sunshine, Chapter 3 (~6580 words) )
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Apparently I will just stop every time I get to 5500 words XD Also I feel like I need a more on-target icon of Fujigaya's pain. Maybe 'more on-target' means like 'more colored in' though.

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Lunatic Sunshine, Chapter 2 (~5500 words) )
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For NaNo this year I wanted to be super low-pressure since last year kind of sucked, and so I decided to do it with fanfiction this year, which actually I've never done before, I've always done original like you're supposed to, haha.

Anyway, while we were watching Ikemen Desu ne at Drama Night, my mother bitched the entire time that she didn't see why they just didn't have Miko being a girl, no matter how many times i explained they work for a male-only agency omg. So eventually I came up with this idea, where Taipi's life is hard for 50k because Kitayama is stuck in his band...and is a girl.

Hope you enjoy? It's going well so far (I'm above word-count for the month right now). I'll also be tagging these "Lunatic Sunshine" if you watch tags or whatever, like i've done other nano years. Also the chapter names are episode titles from Ikemen, haha.

Lunatic Sunshine, Chapter 1 (~5500 words) )
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